welcome to my blog!
Hi everyone I'm Adriana :) I'm 20 years old, live in New York and I'm a junior in college and majoring in marketing. I blog randomly but pretty and i suck at writing about myself, but I like meeting new people so feel free to message me! Have a lovely day and enjoy my blog :) xo

These red pinned posts are really getting on my nerves
"I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you, and risk another goodbye"
Whoever created the first generator, I LOVE YOU.

No power from the stupid hurricane :( but have a full powered generator :)))!! So lights, tv, internet, phone, computer, food, everythings just great lmfao

my cell service sucks but the wifi helps so I really can’t complain too much

after going to Live with Kelly today i officially know what i want to do with my life

majoring in communications & working for abc it’s official. i love the city, i love going to the city, i love everyone on abc, and i’ll be interning for the Live with Kelly show as soon as humanly possible and willlll work for them one day!!!1!!!!1

i always kinda thought that’s what i might wanna do but now it’s legit


you know what i hate? when awful things happen to the best people.

you know you trust someone when you can tell each other things you never thought anyone else would ever know about you.

am i the only one whose sick of seeing this crap on my dash?
  • guys i’m in suchhh an amaaaazing mood today!!!11!!1 i’m totally following every1 back who follows me FOR TODAY ONLY THO OK JUST TODAY NOT TOMORROW, TODAY
  • OMGOSH SO MY SISTER, she like told me that you have this awesome glitch thing, where you click yes and you get like 5,645,673 followers!! CAN U POST IT AGAIN PLZ IM BEGGING U
  • you have a celeb blog…….. NO WAY LEMME see!!!!!
  • okay!! it’sherbut i’m only leaving it up for .0005 seconds ok!!!!!1
  • *on anon so you can’t tell they asked themself* OH MY GOD, your promo gained me 540+!!!!!!! can u do another one please please please my sisters brother in law missed out on it and shes reeealllyyyy wants to do one!
  • my next 37.6 followers will gain 161!!!

… -__________________-

what does my mother NOT understand about the fact that I AM NOT EXCITED FOR SCHOOL.

my god

Offically graduated high school! :D

could you like at least wait til we graduate to call yourself seniors..? jesus christ nothing like indirectly saying fuck you

scared is an understatement.

i do everything for you and i need your help ONCE and i get ZERO fucking sympathy.

3 months until i see my best friend who i haven’t seen in almost 5 years.

needless to say, i’m so excited

Well that’s it :|

i honestly cannot believe that today was the last day of high school. it’s been a crazy 4 years and it’s so bittersweet to me that it’s all over. so many people say it was the worst years of their lives but above everything, it has been absolutely amazing. i honestly am going to miss it so much and i don’t really think it’s fully hit me yet that it’s done. now i know why everyone has always told me to enjoy every minute of it while is lasts. as much as i say i hate everyone, i’m still going to miss my class and i feel like i’m in shock.. literally. class of 2012, it’s been real guys <3

got my yearbook today, spent 2 hours reading the entire thing and cried my eyes out. last day of school tomorrow, i didn’t think i was gonna be this sad :( i can’t even